released March 31, 2012



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SETI X California

SETI X (Sounds of Extraterrestrial Intelligence ) is a regiment of future focused conscious thinking; an overstanding that we do not stand alone here on Planet Earth, but rather we are individual reflections of our ancient alien ancestors.
The output of SETI X is reflected through a manipulation of color, light, sound, and energy and is guided by the natural forces of the galaxy.
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Track Name: Rafi Lights [Produced by Raidon]
those who i met up in the past
become a flash
when the futures taken pictures
without permission to ask
where to ash
when ya life is a bucket of broken glass
and the hope is that you'll
make it to the bottom of the flask//

i met a lonely soul, HOW
cuz she told me so
WHO could be that open door
to let me in and see their gold

lost is a word used by the wicked
to confuse all our children and throw em off of they path
just cuz you don't have a plan doesn't mean yo
motivation and ya destiny wont meet up one day hand in hand
near to far, we shootin up until the stars
but we don't realize that once we get there we might fall

i met my destiny at the edge of a cliff
and she said if your ready, come and jump to take the trip
only real men see the value outside their comfort zone
with such a heavy statement shakin up the blood and bones
i responded with my heart in a bind what is this?
and she whispered in my ear this is it.


life at its best is an attempt to reconcile differences that vex
the breath in which the sunsets
are we done yet
with all that dumb shit
living in a box with categorical assumptions
kismet se milke, mera dil jawan
now im here to get it on, with badman raidon
if you sittin being a critic rave on
but im into guerilla action where each and every tactic is strong
kismet se mil gay, asmaan mera zameen
jo ho gaya so ho gaya, usi gabroo shakeen
now a new day is here time to formulate the team
slumgods never is the focus getting cream
more (like) setting up the scene for a dream to true
im lost between 2 languages ancient and new
the patience is thru
so we change up the chapter
the vibe is a tribe full of indigenous masters
building up disaster
lifting up the spirit of a people who've been told for years to look up to actors
reality facing dEATH RIGHT IN THE EYES
Track Name: Corupt 1 [Produced by Murr]
at first i was corrupted
then i was disgusted
then we discussed it
and after the meeting trusted
my intuition outer spaced the orbit then absorbed it
i walk with a broken heart so they say im morbid
at least the process was natural never forced it
and if you take me for my word im left empty and hopeless
murky sky drenched in the sweat of god
the breath of a farad 6 steppin through this mirage
im a bboy chillin in my bboy stance
with my arms against the wall, getting searched by the man.
this universe is cursed by the hurt from our hands
we're yelling spread love,
when we love to shed blood.
so we spread red rugs
over foreign mothers sons
tell me if this was really the matrix
who the fucks the one

can you dig it
tell me can you dig it
if you chose life
tell me can you live it
i say keep on living

the bottom of the crates, is the top of the food chain
i see invisible people, its kinda spookay
who's the spook hey, sittin by the door
a thematic exploration of the never before
im a definitive notion of nostradomus epiphanies
sweet summer symphonies that vibe with you vividly
come get into me
study the synonyomous
an explanation of what being honest accomplishes

tell me can you dig it
a grave so deep its no return for the wicked
Track Name: Bird Flu [Produced by DviousMindz]
bird flu season, nobody could fly
reminiscent of 75
when everyone was high
the peasant in disguise
call him hollow hearted zorro
he'll swallow all his pride like a good boy,
the promo, the mixtape ,the world tour exposure
the people who never believed are now screaming i told ya
they ayatollah soul controller holder of the spell book
i eat amongst the devils and throw dice with hells cooks
whats for dinner, probably ego and jealousy
and it taste so good, i don't know if i'll ever let it be
honestly, the cost you pay is honesty/
some of us are rich and some are broke, if your on to me
theres nothing wrong with looking up, but never honor me
the spirit is in all of us, this flesh exists dishonestly
pre written prophecy burned in a dream
so you learn very quickly that your worth is your cream
so you work till your conscience is clean, or at least until ya pockets reach desired heights of topless regime
heres the offer this the scene
have the fame and fancy things
at first its surface level, materialism clings
to the edge of precedence set sentences to detonate this is fate
this is fate
this is fake
this is fake…

go ahead and grind lil brotha get ya cake
just remember this is fake
go ahead lil sister get ya cake
go ahead and grind big brother get ya cake
just remember this fake
goahead and grind big sister get ya cake
just remember this is fake
Track Name: So Ja feat. JiggaPree & Hoodini [Produced by JiggaPree]
soja soniyeee
this is for the grown adults
that didn't come to play
soja soniya
if its money then its movin
otherwise i'll probably stay

if its dollars and pound sterling
im working till its late
now i hustle for rupeesg
i know my life goin be ok
we the masters of our destiny
so who am i to judge you homie i let it be
im in england talking shit to the queen with slumgods
here to steal our history back its a fun job

go to sleep, you have no motivation in your feet
you sit and stare at. sip and glare wondering what happened here

Track Name: Everything [Produced by Murr]
i met people who were real
turned out to be fake
i met people who had nothing
and turned out to be great
i met people who were sweet
and they turned out to be snakes
tell me how the fuck i supposed to (relate) x 2 - > feel safe

life is just a phase and i aint talking heaven hell
oh well i seem to interested in it anyways
i mean half my critics say i blaze
n the other half stay amazed
but aint none of you been my way
and spent a day in my kicks
its a trick
a trreat
no stupid its an emcee and a beat
this is what we do eat
feed the soul
and ya peeps
god knows
i been rollin with some soldiers
but half of em left the regiment cuz of something someone told em
yo thets cold son, life is a bitch aint it
actually im loving it, frankly roamin around not given fucks and shit
this punishment for being real is broke pockets and _______!
that could fill up a stadium and play shows for rich teens
i would stay rather stay at home, burnin tree and makin tees
kalakari screenprinting, its a california dream
if you wanna come and get it you could buy a plane ticket
but ill tell you right now if you don't know where you at you trippin
cuz where im from they blooding and they crippin, la
and where i stay, theres murders in the mission, the bay
when you think of californ i a, don't say
that you been there and you smoked that shit, and its nothing, ok

i met people who were real
turned out to be fake
i met people who had nothing
and turned out to be great
i met people who were sweet
and they turned out to be snakes
tell me how the fuck i supposed to (relate) x 2 -